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can't complain about much these days

i believe we'll be okay

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name: Eli
age: 25
gender: queer
pronouns: she/her are fine rn, may change later
location: Nashville-ish, Tennessee

stuff: I'm married to the coolest person on the planet, [personal profile] thanatomimesis. I have a cat named Binx (yes, after the character in Hocus Pocus). I love magic and fantasy and have Harry Potter tattoos. I'm a college student, hopefully graduating this year with a bachelor's in sociology. I have a love/hate relationship with the south. Girl groups, boy bands, and pop music in general are my jams. I took finding out that punk rock is full of -isms as a personal insult. I want to have a dog named Joe. I'm disabled and chronically ill (diagnoses as of now: bilateral chronic mastoiditis and otitis media, fibromyalgia, osteoarthrosis of the knee, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, TMJD, degenerative disc disease, depression, and social anxiety). I'm an extrovert with pretty bad social anxiety, which seems like an oxymoron and makes life interesting. I try to be optimistic as much as possible.
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